Dear god, another one!

Well, dear and gentle readers, I must, first and foremost, apologize for not having posted anything in the past 3 or so months.  I was going to apologize for not having written anything, but as the most devout of you are surely aware, I am in a graduate screenwriting program, and have therefore written quite a few things, just not blog things.

I was doing pretty well with blog posts until we hit the production cycle last semester, which is when in a few short weeks every student directs his or her own movie, and also does every other film set position on other people’s movies.  It’s sort of like undercover bosses, except that all the people you may have pissed off while you were the boss know exactly who you are, and their turn is coming up soon.

The most exciting thing that happened to me during this whole period happened on the first day, when, in a dusty and dank warehouse, I dropped a $60,000 lens onto the cold, hard floor.  The concrete welcomed it greedily, and everyone else, the whole film crew and actors, watched it in slow motion as it tumbled from my clumsy paws.  There was really nothing I could do; my arms wouldn’t react fast enough.  It’s ironic, I thought, that the thing you are most often warned about not dropping is more often than not the thing that you drop.

And warned we had been.  Every class, every day, to hold the lens securely, and cradle it, much like one would baby Jesus, unless you were a Satanist or something, and make sure the party you are passing it too has secure hold of it before you release your grip.  This point was stressed again and again.

I honestly have no clue how I dropped it, I just sort of fumbled it.  One moment it was in my hands, and the next moment I was curly from the three stooges, clawing desperately at a 35mm lens that had seemed to have turned into a Mexican jumping bean, and refused to stay locked in my grasp.

As fate would have it, the trajectory at which I had launched my expensive missile led it to strike my friend Joel’s hip, and somehow, magically somehow, roll down his leg, like a wheel going down a hill, have a soft landing on his shoe, and then roll across the floor, where my friend John snatched it up before it could crash into a wall and shatter completely.

The room was dead silent.

“Gosh” was all I could manage to say.  The director nodded in agreement.  Gosh indeed.  As it turns out, the lens was somehow completely fine, a godsend, and I was merely charged a fee for having someone look at it, which I’m not entirely sure I ever actually got charged.

I was so warn out come winter break that writing was the farthest thing from my mind, and then, in Januare, I loaded up on an airplane and flew across the northern Atlantic to make my new home, at least for the next three months, in old London town.

It’s part of the writing program.  We get sent over here to work with British playwrights and other British people.  It’s supposed to help our writing, but it’s really been is an absolutely lovely way to write one’s first complete screen play, in a fabulous city, steeped in history and time, and rich in culture.

London, I’ve come to find, is nearly the antithesis of Tallahassee.  It feels safe where Tallahassee feel like there is death lurking around every corner.  It is clean, where Tallahassee is covered in litter.   It is classy, where as Tallahassee is full of bros.  Not that I don’t like Tallahassee.  Quite the contrary, it’s a fun place.  I just wouldn’t want to live there after I finished the program, but I wouldn’t mind living in London, even during the bitterly cold winter.

What’s gotten me back into blogging, you ask?  Well, the answer is twofold.  To put it simply, the first reason is that I’m supposed to be doing something else right now, yet another outline for my screenplay, but I’m meeting with my professor later to work out some kinks.  The kinks are only at the end, but it’s still an excellent excuse to not work on it.

The second reason is that the estimable Reverend Mother has nominated me for the Versatile blogger award, my third award if were counting, and we are, and I couldn’t bring myself to not write a lovely thank you.

So, thanks for the award.

Ok, so I’m reading this list of things I need to do in order to receive this award.  15 people.  I need to nominate 15 other people for the award…
















Dear me that took a long time.  Now I have to write 7 facts about myself.

1. One time, upon leaving my house, I witnessed a possum eating another possum; on my very doorstep no less!  It’s one of those images you can’t ever unsee, and it haunts my dreams to this day.

2. I’m living in london right now.  The weathers been quite bad the past week, but it seems to be getting better.  I might even go to the farmer’s market!

3.I quite enjoy tea and coffee, but here in englan i’ve somehow been drinking more tea than coffee, I guess because it’s cheaper and easier.  It’ll be nice to get back to florida where coffee is a plentiful as fire ants and the rain.

4. I had never seen Tarentino’s from dusk till dawn until this weekend.  It’s quite good.  You should wach it.

5. I’m an aspiring screenwriter and I care more about sports than the academy awards.  Is that bad?

6. I fought a grizzly bear to the death one time.  With a knife.  I won’t say it was easy, but I’m still here.

7.I know how to sail a sailboat.

Cool, there we go! Thanks gain, for the award!

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  1. Welcome back! I grew up in London and am writing a novel set there right now, so I totally get what you’re saying about how wonderful and ancient it is. The memory of it alone fuels my imagination. Enjoy your time there.

    • Thanks! I’ve lived many places, and London is tied for, if not the best place I’ve ever lived. It’s magical indeed.

  2. Nice going with the grizzly. Dealing with the film industry ought to be a doddle after that.

    • Good point, though I’ve heard many executives have a sort of bear pit below most conference rooms, just in case they don’t like you or your story pitch.

  3. msmontijo

     /  March 2, 2013

    I have studied theatre and film production while at school and recieved those very same warnings regarding cameras and lenses. My heart dropped as I read your post–so glad it all turned out fine. And congratulations on the award.


    • It was truly a godsend that lens didn’t break. We fortunately have an insurance policy with only a $1,000 deductible, which is still a lot, but not $60,000. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. VictoriaJoDean

     /  March 2, 2013

    love your humor – keep it, cause you’ll need it.

  5. I thank you for the Award and am truly honoured 🙂 – but may I be so bold as to ask why you have nominated me though?

  6. My Dad wrestled a bear before but they both lived afterwards. Anyway, great post. I didn’t know a camera could cost that much…

    • It wasn’t even the camera! The camera was a Red Epic, which is like an extra $100,000. The $60,000 was just for the lens!
      That’s impressive about your dad. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Great post! I think you are doing things right. Pursuing your dreams and living the life. It makes for great blogging when you catch a break from real world. You won’t have much to write about if your at home all day long right? So go ahead , keep doing what you are doing! Good luck!

  8. Highly entertaining place you have here! Thanks for stopping by The Brass Rag. Come back and see us again soon. Meanwhile, good luck on finishing the screen play and happy writing.

    • Thanks! and I certainly will. Hopefully, the screenplay will be done in 3 or 4 weeks. If the gods smile upon me and it magically gets made, i’ll be sure to post that everyone should go see it. lol

  9. Hey what a great blog you have. Thanks so much for stopping by my ‘Spiritblack’ blod. I’m glad there was some content there which you liked.

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

  10. Nice to see you back. Congratulations on the award.

  11. Its so nice, you were absent didn’t write anything , yet got “versatile blogger award” it shows, quality wins to quantity.Good :)) less is best..and more

  12. Thanks so much!

  13. Nice blog and thank you so much for visiting our Isaac Asimov blog. We are also working on others (Arthur C Clarke and Robert A Heinlein) as part of our 20th century science fiction writer tribute blogs and love for you to give them a look when you have a chance 🙂


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